Turbo at fault in BX17 TZD?

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Thanks I’ll have a look at the drive shafts the car starts to feel uncontrollable at 85 to 90mph so needs sorting, a CV joint was replaced for the MOT about 2 months ago by my local mechanic in the mean time I’ll have to console myself with keeping to the speed limits a practice that’s unheard off in Scotland. Incidentally its also seams to be the done thing up here to overtake half a dozen lorries on a blind bend while eating a deep fried mars bar and I'm totally amazed just how often folk seem to get away with this
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Two seconds to 4500 is ok but if you don't have enough travel on the cable, then there is a problem with the throttle pedal, which is a well known BX fault. Fix this first.

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My 1992 TZD does not have the turbo overpressure light either, so thats one possibility gone :) it does sound to me like the accelerator pedal has fallen over, quite an easy fix that one but kneel down peel back some carpet and all might be revealed.
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You guys were right on the money - 'twas the pedal board all along, split along the bend. I managed to fix it by layering up little blocks of wood under the spindle/Axle of the pedal that sticks out to the right of the pedal board, and gluing them together, having shaped the bottom one to fit the curve of the bulkhead and gluing that with Araldite. Because the split was fairly far gone, I thought I'd better anchor it somehow. I drilled a couple of holes in the bulkhead and managed to poke some coathanger wire from the bulkhead side wrapping around the pedal spindle between the pedal board and the pedal. That way if the pedal board does break, the pedal will stay in position. The accelerator pedal is now about an inch and a half from the brake pedal, which I assume is about right - before it must have been about 3 1/2 inches!
Thanks a lot for all your help, and have a great Christmas. I've been recommended Comma diesel magic , so I'll give it that for a Christmas present.