BX GT on Adtrader, Tim????

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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Tim's Tim. Like any other member you meet on here, you either take the package or leave it. I have no problems with the bloke and have laughed with him, stood back amazed with him, and even engaged in the odd on-line banter-session with him on here ........... He certainly comes across as a much nicer bloke to call 'friend' than our frustrated little wordsmith with the ferretlike attitude and the mean mouth.

With my grizzled almost-60-year-old wise-head on (for once), can I respectfully point out that, whichever synaptically challenged bottom-feeder IS responsible for this tawdry little episode, he's going to be pretty delighted that everyone's still getting all exercised about it?

This kind of poster, in my experience, craves attention of this type. It's a placebo for the love and affection he obviously doesn't get from human beings ..... so why not pity him and move on? There's far more positive about his little gathering of old Andrés acolytes than there are negatives, so why let the ravings of this solitary, hamster-brained, emotional retard ruffle the calm waters of BXClub?

Chill maaaan! \:D/

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I'll agree with all that Bob, but not the character slur on ferrets! :roll:

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Haha - that was kinda what I meant with my "it's only an advert, dear" comment. I make my own mind up about people - after all it's our own experiences that count in relationships: one man's meat is another man's poison, an all that!

I think if there's a particular beef between people it's probably best they pick their bone in private. The entertainment is good value though :wink: