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Its cos you have one them there turbodiesels! Stewart, if you have one them naturally asmatic ones its not so dangerous I drove mind home flat out all the way from Kens and its still not quick! After 166000 miles Im sure its loosened up!

tim leech

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I dont like cars thats smell of chips tho matey, vegeoils a bit messy too and as they dont sell it at tecos at the "pay at pump" its a non starter!

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The TD's exhaust is closer to the GTi NOT the 16v, it only has the rear cross box and tail box, not the intermediary 'flat' silencer. It also has a generally BIGGER bore exhaust like both the GTi and the 16v.

wiring will also have the 'over boost' warning light which is simply annoying any pointless! If you add a rev counter and water temp guages then you probably wont be able to fit it.

The clutch able is just a BE3 cable, same as any other BE3 car, nothing special!

Dont bother trying to keep the Xantia pump, its fun but makes life difficult! Extra mad piping, bosses to make. Deffinately best to just stick with the BX intake!

Actually dont bother to use a Xantia engine as you'll then have to fit a top mount intercooler and a number of other small mods, just take a 405 and move some bits ove, makes life much easier!

Well worth the effort if you have a spare engine during the cross over!

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i find that with 70% veg,20% diesel and 10%unleaded(better in the cold) my 1.9na bx estate is quicker than on straight veg or diesel. it seems to cruse at a higher speed without so much effort.