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Question Time!

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Did they ever make a bx turbo diesel automatic 8) ? or how about a t/d 4x4, i dont think they did as I have alot of old brochures but i may be wrong. Apparebntly they didnt make a Xantia 19TD, a 19D and a HDI auto was available tho. Imagine how slow the Xantia n/a diesel auto would be! :shock:

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In mainland europe a 4x4 1.9 Na Diesel was available.

The turbo diesel was deemed to torquey for the 4x4 transmission.

There was that turbo diesel 4x4 conversion on ebay some time ago that then reappeared not that long ago with its new owner as the syncro on the box had gone.

People who i spoke to knew about the car after well known mechanics refused to work on it!

The TD wasnt available with an autobox as far as i'm aware.
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Thought so, cheers Ian