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I got one of my GTis up to an indicated 118-ish mph on a European holiday a couple of years ago. Not particularly relaxing - far better at around 80-85 on those stretches. However there's a surprising amount of acceleration with kickdown at 70-75 so I'm not really complaining.

I remember winding a Fiat Uno Turbo ie up to an indicated 125 in France once and that felt fast - like being launced by Nasa in a biscuit tin! :roll:
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Not that i promote highly illegal speeds but i've had the 4x4 up to an indicated 120mph and my last Hurricane up to indicated 135mph on a downhill stretch (red line in 5th gear!). I am under the impression that car had an early turbo diesel box.

My mate has one of those GPS speed things which said the Hurricane was doing 123mph and around 125 on the speedo. I spent more time looking at the road admittedly.
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Seems like bollocks to me. Adding any flammable gas to the incoming air is a recipe for disaster, and that is not just a matter of opinion!

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There are a number of LPG conversion companies who also do kits for Diesel/LPG hybrid vehicles. The results are aparently quite good.
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