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Gareth Wales
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my gearbox needs topping up - but I've no idea what's already in it.
What's best to do? If I top up with an oil of different viscosity would taht be disastrous.
BTW - the gear change is silent and smooth!!!

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If you want to drain it remove the plug on the bottom of the diff - be careful with other bolts - bits can drop off inside!

I don't think there will be any problem mixing brands of BV oil. If someone has used something else - who knows.


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ken newbold
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Simple answer would be to drain it off and refill with new oil.

Probably better than just topping it up anyway. Have you got a leak :?:
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I think Nu lon is no longer availkable over here as one of my citroen specialists used to swear by it for the Gs I remember it being blue with a ball inside the can to shake up the teflon bits in it.
We certainly never had any troubles with our Gs but the guy says he can't get it anymore.

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