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Philip Chidlow
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Autobox query

Post by Philip Chidlow »

I have a 150k mile GTi with an autobox. Recently, when the morning is very cold, the take up is sluggish from rest. It soons 'warms up' though, and works fine thereafter. Is there any simple (preferrably) service routine that might cure this - somebody suggested having the filters/fluid checked - someone else said leave well alone unless it gets worse. I tend to subscribe to the latter view. Is this a sign of gearbox wear that is ultimately terminal?

In which case... how difficult is it to replace an auto box?
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Stewart (oily!)
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

I have replaced one in a 309 which is I believe identical, its a lot heavier than the manual one but has a nice lifting eye on top which helps, no worse than swapping a manual one IMHO
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ken newbold
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Post by ken newbold »

No worse but a whole lot messier and you have to be scrupulously clean.

My Mums diesel auto is the same very sluggish first thing but soon sorts itself out.
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Geoffrey Gould
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Post by Geoffrey Gould »

Hello. I would not worry, mine is the same given a couple of hundred yards then all is OK. Please check that the ATF is the correct one DEXRON 2 not 3 as this WILL destroy the box as I have found out. See a thread from Alan S (Australia ).