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Intresting... that processing plant is just 2 miles away from me!
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Peoples excuses always amuse me. The way to deal with the supermarkets is to find an independant garage with some pumps and sound tanks and sell the stuff a few pence cheaper than the supermarkets - and I bet they'd then install their own tanks and offer incentives of their own! - and - if they dont - well continue with the minimlistic approach and find another small garage!

Is this process (from wheat) distillation or fermentation? I'd have thought oil was easier and probably produced a better yeild - as the process is simply to crush it and collect the oil.

Doesn't the chap live in a smaller world than the rest of us? his world is 25,000 miles round the middle - I thought mine was 35,000 miles. 1 hectare for 29,000 miles means quite a lot of land per vehicle.


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Shame Tescos dont have a veggie oil pump then I would maybe have a go myself! Sounds like alot of hassle to me, but I odnt use mine much tho, its done 3 miles since I brought it home!

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Biofuel feasability

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I have been interested in Biofuel for years. In 1998 I discovered that Bulmers Cider of Hereford had conducted a feasability project with their fleet of lorries for the Swedish government (why not our own?) and found that it obviously worked. Their transport manager wouldn't give much infor as he said it was a secret project (why?) and that Bio could never replace mineral diesel as the planet would have to be covered with Rape seed plants to grown enough for the same quantity of diesel! I think our government has a hidden agenda as they never seem to look far into the future as in natural gas running short - typical heads in sand!
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Its really the same old story, vested interests, big players, short term thinking, rip off britain!
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How many acres of wheat, oilseed or whatever to run one car for a year?
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In order to produce real Bio Diesel you need to have been through the transeterification process by which you alter the molecular struction of the base oil by mixing it with a catalyst and an alcohol.
I've done the above successfully using new veggie oil but attempts at using waste oil from the local chippy were total failures for some unknown reason :roll: It's quite fascinating experimenting with 1litre batches in 2litre softdrink bottles (known in biodiesel circles as the Doctor Pepper method!!). To make it worthwhile though I want to use 25litre 'carboy' containers ...... anyone know where to get these? Guess I should also find a chippie who changes his oil more frequently than every 6 weeks too :wink:
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Stewart (oily!) wrote:Its really the same old story, vested interests, big players, short term thinking, rip off britain!
I do hear the odd rumour that people have invented fuels themselves and the idea gets bought out by the big players in the fuel industry.
I`ve also found out something quite interesting about what`s supposedly the leading brand of fuel (petrol) and as such I`d never use it myself. Those of you who know me will understand why I won`t be repeating it though :wink:
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Here's a more novel approach; conjurs up images of people taking syphoning fuel tanks to new levels. ... 53,00.html

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do turbo diesels run well on cooking oil/Biodiesel

most of the cars that seem to be N/A diesels :roll:
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Alan - makes a change from adding amti-freeze to wine to make it drinkable

Classic - not much difference between NA ans Turbo when it comes to bio. Nothing wrong with straight fuel - except it goes solid (waxes) at an inconvenient temperature - so various processes and or the application of heaters to get it to stay liquid. There is a rumour that bio dissolves the seals in Roto-diesel pumps - but others have used it without problems.

Feature on TV Friday lunchtime about a bio diesel bus fleet in London. Uses used oil and he showed a jar of the stuff that had been standing. Clearly 3 fractions - bottom - solids - ie spud, chips etc, middle bit animal fat and top bit - veg oil. They used fossil to start and warm up the heaters then switched over to bio. Shut down it flushed bio back to tank.


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There is a lot of hype surrounding veg oil. I think its purpose is to make people think veg oil is problematic. Neat veg oil (SVO) is being used enough for HMC&E to have recently raised the duty on it. Their line is that SVO is a fuel additive, not a diesel substitute – despite many people running diesels exclusively on SVO. This is the argument where they introduced “transeterification” as the only process to produce biodiesel. Rubbish. It really is a big con and the government realise they are loosing money on duty. I read recently that they are looking into biofuels more seriously and have asked the big oil companies to lead the development. If that isn't guaranteeing them safety from the bio threat, what is? Read into this what you like, but the big oil companies brandish a lot of money – and money is power.

It is actually quite simple to register with HMR&C so that you can pay the duty on veg oil. What is not easy is to get your brew recognised as a fuel substitute (duty at 27.1p/l) rather than a fuel additive (duty at 47.1p/l). Their antics over the past few months have put me off using veg oil despite me being registered. And finally, take care - some producers/users have had their brew reclassified and back payment of duty has been demanded - HMR&C hold all the aces, what they say goes.

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Usual nonsence from our wonderful administration - anxious to appear environmentally friendly but the same feeble crown of ministers who are going to licence terrorists with identity cards and can't catch truants or robbers won't commit themselves on omething really difficult like vehicle fuel

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