My BX 19TRS is telling me something

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My BX 19TRS is telling me something

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Sounds like leave me alone and put me back in the corner of the garage :?

For the last year she has been parked at the rear of the Garage coming out for trips to town or work now and again. Now she was to be pressed into more regular service after the gearbox on the wifes japppa karked it.

So with winter in mind I flushed the cooling system...Big mistake now spent a couple of days solving a leak or two the worst being inside the Heater Matrix which now seems to have been resolved with little (I hated to use) additive.
One on the lower part of the rad also seems to have healed.

Now problem number two after taking it for its six monthly WOF (MOT) the bad news is the Steering Track road and gaitor needs replacing, not an easy job from reading for the ill equiped diy mechanic :(

Problem number 3 manifested itself while tracking down the leaks with the Engine Fan not working! Had to do a bypass direct to the battery to aid cooling and get that orange single light out.

Problem Number 4, The lens glass of the drivers side headlight has come off, yes fell off luckily while I was leaning over the car and caught it as it slide.

Now what with the creeking noise form the rear end I get the feeling after the regular appearance in the garage of a Fan Tail (superstion of being the sign of death if seen indoors) that the TRS wants to be left to die 7,000kms short of the magical 300,000km

Two cars in less than two weeks I fear for the TZS now.