Always check the obvious

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Always check the obvious

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So, after spending many hours over the last two days fitting a new oil filler neck (a lovely job), I thought it was a good idea to go for a little drive about to make sure everything was ok before driving to Bridlington tomorrow to pick girlfriend (and her mum!) up.

Anyway, get out on to the motorway, get up to 60 and an ominous whistling noise begins. Now, those who have followed my exploits will note that mysterious noises ... highlight= are the bane of my BX life. So, pull off at the next junction, check everything I can think of, nothing obvious. Get back in, same noise, I'm now heading round the M60 starting to worry, what could possibly be wrong? Argh, etc. I need some air, turn the fan on, direct at face, ah, that's a bit better, wait, where's the noise? Bloody air ducts must have been at just the wrong angle to cause a whistle. Dammit!



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I certainly know where you are coming from re noises etc bud.

I tend not to use the radio in the ole BX in case it hides some new rattle or noise from a problem that needs fixing.

At least yours was a simple fix.


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I always keep the vents open but direct them away from me, as you say at speed the whistling gets a bit noisey! also just keep the fan a wee bit too.
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Post by Linegeist »

I had something similar in our VW Bora last year - a high pitched metallic clatter that kicked in at precisely 2,700rpm. I spent hours with an engineer's stethoscope poking and prodding, not to mention the test drives.

I must have tightened every securing screw in the dash panel and door assemblies ................... before I found out it was the ignition key hanging from the lock barrel and chattering in its ring. :evil: :evil: :evil:

Herself still gives me grief over that ........................... :(

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Inferior key ring!.....another good reason to give up the modern cars and keep the BX Bob :?: :lol:
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Post by Brian »

Hi Bob,

Well, all I can say is the key "Ring" is obviously working OK.

Sorry, just could not resist the comment.


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Ouch! :D