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in 2 years i spotted 2 a black f reg and a silver j reg tzs i think it was. My grandad said he saw a white bx up in yorkshire the other weekend. Estate 19 rd. In Kleackeaton drwesbury area.
The silver one i saw was in Sleaford petrol station there was a old man filling it up. I tryed speaking to him but he said he was trying to look at how much petrol he was putting in it.
I know this sounds wrong but i reccon we will find bxes whos owners have past away or in care homes. The chap who had mine sadly past away. I hope hes happy ive got it. His doughter and his father in law came to see me. They was happy it stayed in Lincolnshire.
Its like the green TXD on ebay. The bloke whos had that is in a care home.
1991 h reg 1.7tzd hatch in black 159.000 miles had
1992 k reg 1.7 txd hatch in red 179. 000 miles had
Renaul laguna exspessin 02 plate 1.8 16v 75 k had
cosa 1.2 brezze 150 k had
406 glx 1.9 td 170k s reg white got

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Old boys seemed to love the BX as their retirement cruisers. My silver TRD was such a vehicle - the original owner being into his nineties when he passed away, leaving full service history and minescule mileage.

this yellow writing is really hard to read

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toddao wrote:Old boys seemed to love the BX as their retirement cruisers.
hey i was in my 20's when i got my first one and im only just 32 so not just the oldies love them

the TRI estate was my fave car

though i got a dream of turning an estate into a valver