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And don't they just snap easily! Beastly things are made of carbon steel or something - very hard but brittle like a cheap drill bit.

Drill straight down the centre (Easy job of course) with a thinnish bit - then enlarge until there's virtually nothing left then it'll probaly come out on its own if you're lucky. If not this is the time to use the easy out.

Technology may have the answer though - here's the modern version


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Yes easy outs is the name, the snap on kit contains drilling guides and odd sized drill bits too, when I overhauled my front end I took the bleed nipples out and copper greased the little blighters, mind you thats a little while ago now. I have got the remains of snapped ones out by cutting a slot with a hacksaw in them (and the alloy of the caliper) and going into the heating/penetrating routine then removing em with a screwdriver.
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Good idea Stewart - I suppose you could refine it a bit further by using a screwdriver bit in an impact driver - the shock loosening it with luck!


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Left handed drill bits are available if you have a contact in the 'states. They are very much cheaper than those shown on here.

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I posted this on the 16v forum a while back


I have used Cromwell tools for ages and have found them good value and they carry a wide range of tools equipment

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