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PM sent Vanny, glad to hear you got back o.k. Dying to have a go of the 16V and before I forget I/we still owe Gary about £15-£20. If you happen to get 5 minutes could you phone him please and let him know I/we haven`t forgotten about it please? I`m stuck at work until 5.00pm and then shifting cars down to the unit so won`t get a chance to call him until later.
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Post by Vanny »

Oh great! Just as things seemed to be going bad they get worse, MUCH worse!

Opened the bonnet and the bonnet catch has gauged a bloody gret big hole in the rad! Good quality mint condition almost new copper radiator and its now fooked! Cant afford a new one and cant clamp it as it's jsut not working.

The perfect end to a fkin terible weekend!

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Post by cavmad »

Will the 1.6 petrol one fit Vanny or might I have another that will suit?
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Pleased to hear you both got home ok after your very eventfull weekends (cavmad & vanny) :D
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Post by jeremy »

Vanny - you probably have 2 alternatives - 1 - professional repair - which will probably mean a total re-core.

2. This is a copper rad and will solder nicely. Its crossflow - so the damage is probably confined to one or two tubes - in which case those tubes can be capped and soft soldered. Quite skilled - will need to be done by comeone who has handled the tools before. What would I use - probably oxy acetylene as you need a very small intense heat source. carefully clean and polish and flux everything and I'd be looking to fold the tube back on itself carefully and squash it and solder the lot - trying to get some drawn into the end of the tube.

If the rad is supposed to have a greater capacity than the original i don't suppose a couple of tubes will make any real difference, as I think the TD's where Autobahn and Alp tested, hopefully in hot weather.


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Post by Toddman »

That's bad news mate but depending on where the damage is it should repair easily enough.
I have repaired several copper rads over the years, when a core has been damaged we have basically cut it out at th etop and bottom and sealed the ends with solder and I am sure a decent recon place will help you out if needs be.

Will catch you on msn later

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