simple lhm leak

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simple lhm leak

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came out the front door - ummm, a damp patch under the bx.... Oh S***. I see drips off the front driver side 'chassis leg' ... ... wet all the way up the wheel arch to the drain hole from where the washer bottle sits. umm - I don't recall any pipes in that the bonnet spare bottle of lhm has been leaking! - no idea why but very happy. I'll be more optimistic next time.

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I remember this happened to El Presidente Jon Wood and it took him a while to figure it out. Quite a relief when you do!

this yellow writing is really hard to read

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A couple of years ago I was suspecting the neighbour's cat had been marking his territory on my BX, since there was a distinct cat urine smell when the heater was on. Took a few weeks of getting worse day by day before I realized it was the spare gearbox oil can leaking in the mentioned location. :oops:
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Ive had that happen to me so i now keep the stuff in the back of the motor.
Did make me think a bit though when i saw how much green blood was on the drive.