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BX17RD - thats the 1.7 NA diesel as found in Visa's and C15's i believe (and god knows how many other thousands of cars and is often labeled a 1.8!)

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(Sorry I'll stop in a minute!)

I think I'm getting somewhere - in the model range beween 1987/88 and 1990/91 I think there was the designation DTR, which with the saloon was BX19DTR with its n/a 71 bhp diesel, BX DTR Turbo and the BX DTR Turbo estate, with their 90 bhp turbocharged 1.7's. So does that mean (Vanny you are right! Aren't you?!) the only turbo BX's were 1.7?

Well thanks I think I might have answered my own question. Interesting exercise though.


Here's a challenge: Find, amongst the collection of BXs that the Club represents, at least one example of every model designation. Identify the missing ones for that extra bit of fizz when scanning the ads!
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Post by jeremy »

All turbo BX's should be 1.7D's. There are rumours of a few and I mean a few like in less than 100 or so 1.9TD's being made right at the end of production. I recall seeing an advert from a reputable garage in Bournemouth shortly after I got my DTR Turbo 6 1/2 years ago expressing surprise that they had a 1.9 turbo and claiming it was genuine and explaining (in the advert) that it was a freak as it was so late. I think these were badged as normal - ie TZD Turbo rather than BX 19 TZD turbo or whatever.

If these do exist they will be estates as saloon production had ceased some time before.

DTR was essentially the same as TZD but vary a bit with age. The electrical system on TZD's may have been better fitted from the start or may have improved over the years. My DTR Turbo estate does not have NS electric mirror (nor OS for that matter but it's no use there), delayed interior lights, or a plip on the central locking. My 16 valve which is the same age has all. (late 89).

No estate has an electric sunroof - simply due to the step in the roof.

I have never understood why there are no 1.7TD autos as loads of 1.9TD auto Xantias were made. The 1.7TD engine is noticeably short of torque low down when compared to a 1.9D in a car of the same weight (1.9D ZX - yes it really is as heavy as a BX estate) and this may have had something to do with it.


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Diesel auto.

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Hello I was the chap with the turbo auto and it started with a 1-9 N/A engine, the turbo is a 1-7 as it proved to be impossable to find a 1-9 here. coupled to a Xantia box (not the 4 HP 20 box.) which does seem to be quite different to the original box. It weights a lot more and the gearing is quite different. It makes it into a different car and is a much better one, but that is just my opinion.
I have a V6 Xantia with a 4 HP 20 box and that is a box I would love to put in a BX now that would be something.