Desperately Wanted: Upper Speedo Cable

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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Desperately Wanted: Upper Speedo Cable

Post by Ian_Fearn »

I've exhausted all my normal places with the exception of Malcolm Lockwood who is unfortunately in hospital.

Can anybody give me any clues??

Places i've tried:

AEP direct, GSF, ECP, Citispares, buypartsby, local motor factor, general google search.

I cant work out which cable I need from ServiceCitroen. Does anybody know the actual part number? Most seem NFP.

Please help!
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Post by mds141 »

Ian, give Graham Morton a ring. He had a load of parts at the national. TEl :-01484 684999. Regards. Mark.
Mark Smith

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Post by RxBX »

I have an upper (Also a lower somewhere) which I removed from the Black TGD which I scrapped 2 weeks ago !

Also I know of an 'L' reg. 19 TXD Estate, not far from you which is going to be scrapped within the next 2 to 3 day's !

Please call me or send a PM to me .



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Post by citronut »

mds141 wrote:Ian, give Graham Morton a ring. He had a load of parts at the national. TEl :-01484 684999. Regards. Mark.
and at the end of the meeting dumped loads of cables, pipes and other bits in the wheelie bins,

Ian if you send me your chassis/VIN No. i will look on service citroen,

regards malcolm
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