Our 1991 BX 19TGD

A place for us to show off our cars in all their glory. Please keep picture sizes to about 800x600 pixels.
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Gawd knows Justin. Any pics would be pre-digital and we've moved house several times since! I'll have to have a rummage at some point. I think you're right though - it did have black trim. Remember most of it being covered in mud after everyone clambered into it during a 2CV Firkin Freezing camp one year...

I bought the BX in either late 98 or early 99 before trading it in for a brand new Daewoo Matiz. Idiot.
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Your 1991 BX 19 TGD

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Dear Anaconda.
Firstly so sorry I must apologise for not replying to your message
sooner, but sometimes I don,t get E-Mail notification that someone
has replied ?
I do agree with you about the wheeltims, I will be looking for some
new ones for my BX which with crossed fingers should be arriving on
next Saturday. :D :D :D :D
Yes the CX,s are lovely cars to own and drive, this is the thing I like
about classic Citroens is that a CX is better than a GS, and a DS is
better than a CX, and an SM is better than DS. I love Citroens with
adjustable hydropnuematic suispension, not so much the active-ride
types like the Xantia,s and the XM,s, although they are both fantastic
looking cars, unlke the C5 and the C6,s which I think don,t look very
nice at all.
If I won the lottery I would get myself an SM and put up with the
that they are all LHD. 6 rectangular headlamps, where the inner most
two turn with the steering, like on some of the DS,s, and the front
number plate and all the 6 lights all covered in 3 seperate sections of
domed glass. I have never seen any other car so jam packed under
the bonnet, since my friend showed me under the bonnet of 2.8
injection Capri in 1982.
Anyway must scoot.
Take care and keep in touch. xx
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