A bad day

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ken newbold
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A bad day

Post by ken newbold »

In fact a really bad day :(

Got a call at 11am this morning to tell me my lock-up container/store has been gutted by fire.
I went up to see if anything was salvageable but horror of horrors, nothing! everything lost! all my years worth of collecting BX and XM parts gone in one go. :cry:

This puts paid to any thoughts I had of buying the Mk1 19GT

The fire brigade said they had to break-in to deal with the fire, so it's unlikely to have been started from inside, but more likely from an adjoining container. I await their report to confirm this.
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Mike P
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Post by Mike P »

Gutted :cry:

Can you claim off insurance?

Mike P
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Post by Dollywobbler »

That's a bad day indeed. You have my sympathies.
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Post by toddao »

Sorry to hear that Ken. At least you didn't loose any whole BXs!

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Post by Defender110 »

O dear, very sorry to hear that Ken. Did you have a lot in there?
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messerschmitt owner
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Post by messerschmitt owner »


I'm sorry to hear that. You have my sympathy.

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Tim Leech
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Post by Tim Leech »


Ken, im sorry buddy. :cry:
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Post by sdelasal »

lucky no cars or more importantly no people involved I guess. Sorry anyway.
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Post by Wooscary »

Not good. Hope you can get some kind of compensation.
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Philip Chidlow
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Post by Philip Chidlow »

Cripes! That's awful. Glad nobody was hurt though.
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Post by Mothman »


What bad luck mate. I feel for you.

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ken newbold
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Post by ken newbold »

Thanks for the messages guys.

At the moment I'm still looking on the bright side of things, I'm £60 a month better off :lol:

However, it will really hurt when I'm trying to do something on my car (or someone else's) when I find I don't have the parts I need.
The big things like exhaust, gearbox's, struts, hubs and calipers are fairly obvious to be missed, but it's the thousands of small parts and pipes etc that will hurt. :(
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Post by Kitch »

Shit! Bad luck!

If you do need something give me a shout - I\'ve got loads of bits and I\'m moving house soon and they can\'t all come with me, so there will be stuff going FOC.
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Mike E (uk)
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Post by Mike E (uk) »

Sorry to hear about that Ken.

A great shame and a terrible waste.

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Post by Paul296 »

Very very sorry to hear that Ken. If it were me I'd be seeking bereavement counselling! As others have said, lucky it was car bits and not people - still really shit though.