Total clear-out

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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docchevron wrote:you once sent me a picture message (my phones far too steam powered to recieve MMS) so I text you straight back, and I neevr got a reply. I assumed I'd pissed you off.
Not even slightly. No-one from here has pissed me off at all, I'm just a bit shit at staying in contact at the best of times, but with everything else going on, I failed big-stylee to be in contact with anyone at all.

... and apologies to you and anyone else who either thought they had pissed me off, or who I pissed off by not being in contact. Entirely of my doing.

I believe the Digit is currently being prepared for welding. Not sure though, will have to be in a bit more contact to find out.
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no apolagies required for my part mate. Life often gets in the way and all.. Is ok.

hmmm, so maybe Richard is going to do the DIGIT and keep it then?
It should go back on the road, it really should.
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I understand the digit buyer didnt complete and Richard is putting it away over winter to save it getting worse which is good.
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Hi guys ,long time no speak. Dave and i have been in contact and have sorted things out but i might as well get things off my chest as i still hope i have a few friends left on here so here goes,
My actions in the last 6 months or there abouts have without doubt come accross as either obsessional or manic but being as honest as i can ,it can only really be described as manic.
My doctor calls it a minor "nerveous breakdown" with obsessional behaviour which i must look back on now i am feeling alot better thanks to the wonders of modern drugs etc as crazy.
I have nearly lost my house and my wife and 2 lovely daughters through buying ridiculous numbers of cars and NOT paying the mortgage ,spending fortunes i havent got in recovery costs etc.
Lady luck gave me a break in getting me a job just in the nick of time to save the house and sanity finally kicked in to make me get rid of a field full of cars that i probably would never work through and sort out.
Yes there are plenty of the cars ive owned that i wish now i kept ,like the "MIllesime " or the lovely Italian registered estate that i took to Wetherby this year but i can only hope that most have been saved and gone to good homes.
Ive ended up with no road legal vehicle andhave been borrowing one from work.
Back to the topic however, the Digit is safe,dry and warm in my heated garage over winter and i am slowly working on her in what limited spare time i have getting her ready for the mamoth task of welding. Im sooooo glad the guy never came for her now and NO she is not going to be sold(i have seen the light) but do need some help/advice.-
Rear wings- petrol flap side really knackered under flap,infact not much holding neck in at all really, N/s a lot rotten at wheelarch base.
Where can i get a pair of rear wings ? Am i right in thinking mk1,s are different to mk2,s and if so would you all string me up by my bollocks if i fitted mk2 items (if there are any?)
Should it have front spot lamps?
Should it have those rubber bits stuck on the bumpers?
Anyway sorry for upsetting alot of people, some may forgive some not but it is safe to say that i wont be buying fields full of cars anymore and wil be sticking to 1 maybe 2 projects total (as agreed with er in doors) and its my plan to have the Digit roadworthy but scruffy for Wetherby hopefully or the Iccr whichis just ver thehill from me.

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Glad you're on the mend, must have been a surreal experience looking back at it now. Shit happens, so i wouldn't worry about having pissed anyone off, if they can't get over it, they probably weren't worth knowing in the 1st place seeing as you've explained what happened to you, afterall you didn't even need to detail this on the forum which is kinda brave.

Glad th digit is going to be restored & hopefully you can get advice etc..from the guy's on here.

Would be great if you kept a blog of the digit & took some photo's :D
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Yes, hope you continue to get your life back together, Richard. Good news about the Digit too (although that's only a lump of metal and plastic at the end of the day). :)
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Post by Tim Leech »

Richard I just bought a rear wing for my Mk1 DTR ... 5d30fe7345

I bid him £60 and he took it, he tells me they ARE for a Mk1 not a Mk2!

Glad the digit is in good hands, ready for the ICCR???
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Post by Dollywobbler »

Thanks for the update Richard. Must admit, in my personal dealings with you, I saw no malice - after all, you kindly allowed me to step in and take on the Mk1 estate. I think it's very easy to let collecting get out of hand with cars. I'm in the position at the moment of having four road legal cars (between me and the wife) and no money to do any of the jobs they all need. I fear a fleet cull is going to be in order which is a pain, as I like them all...

Glad it sounds like everything is on the mend. Amazing what these cars can do to us!

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Post by richardd1652 »

Thanks guys and im glad to be back as it were.
Thanks for the link Tim i shall drop them a line and see if theve got both sides.
I dont know how long for sure she has been sat at davids or before that but she drove home under her own steam the 5 miles from my parents to my house without much issue although when i fitted the dizzy i must have got the timing out as she "pinked" when pulling .
Got a body guy calling round to see what if anything can be done with rear wings but probably total replacement is the answer as once there done and properly protected then no more worries.

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Post by Defender110 »

richardd1652 wrote:obsessional behaviour .
Really? we hadn't noticed :roll: :)

Family first mate, now we know we'll keep an eye on you and help keep you on the straight and narrow. It is a pitty about the Italian Estate you were so fond of though.
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