BX seats: durability or comfort?

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Philip Chidlow
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Post by Philip Chidlow »

Lovely. Don't suppose anyone's got a LeMans interior in truly excellent condition, just knocking about??? :D :?: :D

(Sorry, Kitch, but a bit too stripey for me! Mind you, wrap them in a nice 16v and I could live with 'em! O:))
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Post by Kitch »

Oh no I agree! Those stripes only work in AX GT's. Plus the LeMans fabric is of a higher quality.
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Quite agree, the non sports type seats are more comfy in my opinion,but do wear and look dated. MY old TXD (now being loved by stewart) interior had done 145k but showed very little signs of wear.

Its down to who likes what, personally I dont like the black interior that much as its a bit ostere where the grey is light and airy if a bit 80s retro!

The best for me is the later velour type seats fitted to some TZ models, they are a light grey even blue colour and are really good! Am hoping my newly aquired TZS auto has them! :D

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Post by rob-bx16v »

8) le-manns velour 16v seats all day long no contest!
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Post by Dollywobbler »

I remember my TGD being comfortable and the 16v seats are certainly no worse. Can't remember well enough to say if they are better though!

Curiously, Rachel doesn't find the BX seats comfortable, preferring the upright (adjuster broke) seats in her AX!

My only complaint is that it just isn't possible to get the head restraint to an appropriate height - and I'm only 5'9''!