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Grenman wrote:Patronising fekker aint ya!!
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Des Smith wrote:I don't like too many warning lights in my BX. The last one I saw came on shortly after the head gasket went and the engine boiled over on the Bayswater Road. Too little and sadly too late to do owt about it. (If I could make one mod to the 14, it would be a temperature gauge.)

Good old citroen eh? My old DS show its 'hydraulics warning light' shortly after the suspension had dropped, the steering had stiffened and best of all the brakes had stopped working!
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One of the things I enjoy about this forum is the banter, and light hearted comments that arise. I would hate for that to stop for fear of offending each other.

Perhaps in the Technical section we should try and keep things technical and on topic, but this is after all the Chat section and IMO a bit of discussion off at a tangent (especially once the original question has been answered) is not something to be discouraged.

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kiwi wrote:Your pretty new here so would not know how long I have been a BX owner (over 20 years now)
Ahem, that's me told then! And there's me thinking the Kiwis were all laid back about stuff. Oh well...

FYI, I bought my first BX way back in 1992 (Twas a G reg BX14 Flight) and I've had a string of Citroens since then, so your comment re experience kind of falls to bits really. Probably best not to assume you know where other folks are at.

I appreciate you probably do quite a lot of self-help and like to get top tips on maintenance, but if you want technical stuff, that's elsewhere on the forum and this thread is under 'BX chat'... which is what I was doing.
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