Manual Choke Conversion Kits

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Manual Choke Conversion Kits

Post by ellevie »

Manual Choke Conversion Kits

While investigating my recent automatic choke fault, one option I considered was to convert it to a manual choke but on looking around for prices I found that places like Halfords and Partco hadn’t sold them for quite some time. Eventually I managed to find somebody who is now retired but still manufactures these in small amounts mainly for the French market. He said he still had a few available for the BX and quoted me £35 which seems a pretty decent price. I think his company used to be called Roehampton Products Ltd. His present contact details are,

Manual Choke Conversion Kits
5 Cedar Close
Kibworth Beauchamp
Tel / Fax: +44(0) 116 2793296

As it happens I managed to get a choke conversion kit off eBay for just over £10 which I am thinking of installing despite the fact that I eventually managed to sort out my choke problem. I mainly use my BX 19TRS for short runs so that the engine hardly has time to fully warm up.

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Post by Stinkwheel »

Thats only about 15 minutes from me :-)

If anyone does speak to him and needs a kit picking up then just shout :-)
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Post by (CZ)enda »

This is very interesting.
I got Weber DMTR to replace my late Weber 36 TLP. It is not installed yet (I must get 2-chamber carb manifold first or redo the one I have) and although the thermostatic choke seems to work OK (when tested for temperatures between 0 - 25 centigrades), it may be that any tip will come handy for future need of such conversion.
Thanks in advance.