BX brake shoes?

Anything about BXs
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BX brake shoes?

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No matter how hard i tried they just wouldnt seem to fit :?
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Anyone got the BX these fit? A rare motor on these shores? :lol:


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Grenman wrote:Anyone got the BX these fit? A rare motor on these shores? :lol:

AFAIK all BX's had discs all round, even the 1.1 "dommage".
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it's a useless product and posting even if you were looking for shoes. I recently did my 306DT and the plethora of different shoes was staggering - up to four different designs were being fitted at the time to the 306. The listing is rubbish because it doesn't show the important bit - ie the adjuster/position of the mounting screws - so you can't even check - part numbers were no help with my car - in the end I resorted to taking the old shoes round to unipart and spending half an hour with the manager trying to match them up -eventually we came up with a result for a shoe not even listed as fitting the 306!!!

thank god the BX has discs!
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