Steering Woes

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Steering Woes

Post by Ian_Fearn »

This morning when i first pulled off the drive the steering had no power assistance. It was solid.

I drove 100 yards then turned right, still really heavy to a point where i could hardly turn it.

I pulled the steering wheel sharp left then sharp right a couple of times and all of a sudden it went back to normal.

What the hell caused that?
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Mike E (uk)
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heavy steering

Post by Mike E (uk) »

My guess is a worn out hp pump :( , or loose hp pump belt. :)

Cold weather makes this worse.


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Post by DavidRutherford »

Sticky FDV possibly? May have been jammed over in the "brakes and suspension" position rather than the "steering" position.
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Post by alab »

Sounds exactly like my XM, and I know I need a new HP pump. :shock:

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Post by jeremy »

I didn't think they were that heavy without PAS. Mine didn't work properly until I changed the pump and was no real problem. I mention this as if the steering was that stiff it would suggest a rack valving problem - and you were fighting the mechanism - or in fact moving a piston in a nearly sealed ram full of LHM!

Was this just heavy steering or did it feel that something was jamming it?


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Post by AlanS »

I've never heard of a pump just dying that quickly and then just as quickly getting resurrected again.
I'd firstly look at the belt and if a new belt didn't sort it, look at the piniuon seals. PProbably easy enough to check them; just look to see if they are leaking directly below the hardydisc.

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Mr B
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Post by Mr B »

Is is because the LHM thickens up in colder weather?

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ken newbold
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Post by ken newbold »

Strangely enough, tonight I found a brand new 16v LHM pump in a cupboard. It's supposed to be going back to Lockwoods as it was delivered in error, but they've not been for it yet.

tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Try steering a pas bx when it dont go and trust me its heavy! (ok ok I left the radio on) :(

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Post by Vanny »

the freezing point of LHm is stupidly low so i suspect its mor ethe mechanism getting stiff than the LHM thickening. From the TOTAL specs sheet, LHM is a brilliant almost perfect substance, high boiling point, low frezzing point and quite a wide opperating temp!

I love LHM!

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Post by Ian_Fearn »

The scrapper 4x4 has a new pump on it so i'll swap it over and see what happens.
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