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Post by kiwi »

So with the endorsement of what people on here wrote about this website and how great it was. I signed up to this to record my diesels fuel figures.

Two months later I go to put in an entry and get "your account has been disabled" :x

No reason at all!! So glad I keep a excel log of the data and do not have to worry about the whims of a website.

Anyone else had any hassle?
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Post by JayW »

No problems at all, been tracking 2 cars for months, Mat's got 3 on there amongst others...

Operator error? :wink: :lol:
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Post by mat_fenwick »

Yeah, I've had no problems (although having everyone tell you they've been fine isn't going to help...) I wonder if there is something in the terms and conditions if your account isn't used for a period of time it gets disabled? Especially if there is no data in it, which it sounds like you are saying?

I've used it since March, but I've been filling up typically once a week.

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Post by philhod »

Think you are right there Mat. Same thing happened to me but I kept the activation email and re did it so was back in.
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