Website with Citroen brochure collection

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Website with Citroen brochure collection

Post by toddao »

I chanced upon this website with a good collection of Citroen brochures. Unfortunately you can't open them but they're still interesting.

I have a set of these wheels in the foreground of the pic, without the centres unfortunately but I had no idea where they were from. Original Accessorie, but I wonder what happened to them all?


And how about the woodtrim brochure for the BX/XM??


I like to know where all of these 'extras' ended up - gotta stay glued to Ebay I suppose, wait for the shit to surface!

this yellow writing is really hard to read

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Post by Paul296 »

Good spot. Pity you can't open any of them.

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Post by Mike P »

Very interesting, I thought I had a lot of Citroen brochures but his collection vastly exceeds mine!

One of the last accessory brochures at the bottom of the page allows you to view inside, but it's the only one that does.

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