Electrical Help Needed Quickly!

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Electrics really arent my thing
Ah yes. I remember the loose HT lead on the way back to the ferry in France last May!!

Not that I can talk. I wondered why the fog lights on my BX weren't working - didn't realise that they didn't work on sidelights! Odd because they do on every other car I've ever owned...


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That HT lead was quite possibly the most annoying breakdown ever!!

Funnily enough they caused 2 more breakdowns until i replaced them! For some strange reason that one lead kept popping off the plug!
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and who was it that diagnosed that problem? didnt sarah diagnose another problem later on, on one of your cars!? lol.

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I think the purpose of the foglight cutout system is for the benefit of caravan and similar light couloured full bodied trailers. I suppose that a bright red light would reflect off the front of the caravan in the dark especially and could distract the driver. - switch them off - problem solved. Also sounds good in brochures and would reduce the electrical load a bit which could be handy at times.