Last chance for this BX

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
bx petrol auto saloon
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Last chance for this BX.

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Dear Paul.
I know what you mean about Minting it is great fun, my problem has
always been, not knowing when too stop :roll: I never stop that,s my
problem :)
Did you get the speedlines that Ken was selling then aswell Paul :?:
Well done again Paul lovely BX.
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Hi Vince,

Luckily with BXs you never have to stop, because if you do - so do they! I didn't get the speedlines as they were wafted away to 'Leech Towers' and I'm led to believe are now gracing a certain red TZD.

I prefer to keep my cars as 'factory spec' as possible and use the picture in the brochure as a benchmark ( sad but true! :roll: ).

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Paul296 wrote:
I didn't get the speedlines as they were wafted away to 'Leech Towers' and I'm led to believe are now gracing a certain red TZD.

Well not exactly "wafted", as we were at Kens and he hadnt as yet returned them back to the TGD's previous owner, I saved him a trip and agreed to purchase them from James,

Ive already fitted them to the red TZD, to replace the 4 mis-matched very budget/old tyres that were already on, the edges need tidying but it looks well.
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Paul296 wrote: I'm not really a 'tow-bar kinda guy' so it will be coming off at some point. It looks to be in very good nick and is a proper Citroën one that has all the wires and pluggy inny type stuff you need to get an MOT these days - so I'm told anyway ( I tend to think if you've seen one tow-bar you've seen 'em all!)

Anyway, let me know if you're interested and perhaps we can work something out?
Yes Paul , let me know how much you want for the tow bar , no rush for it though.
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