Number manufactuder by modification

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Number manufactuder by modification

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Hello everyone, for some time now I was trying to find how many BX of each modification were manufactured, but could not find anything but rumours. I am particularily interested in how many 4x4 berlines and breaks came out, but am also curious about other interesting modifications like these the ambulance, Dyana ( ... /bx-4.html ) leader, digit, etc. What I have heard that there were about 6000 4x4 berlines and 1000 breaks. There also was a diesel version, though haven't heard anyone having one originally diesel, not converted from GTi version.

I've also heard that there were only 12500 leaders:
1985 - 2500 units
1986 - 5000 units
1987 - 5000 units.

4000 Digit cars ( )

Anyone with any additional knowledge?
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I dont know how you would get that information, without contacting Citroen, but their was hundreds of different models/special editions over the years.
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Are you talking about France, Uk or everywhere?

If its total production then a direct contact to Citroen in France would be your best bet.


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The 4x4 information does not ring true with me. In the UK there were around 300 GTi 4x4's sold and approximately double that number of estates sold to my knowledge.
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