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Barnsley BXer wrote:Dear Mr 2 I've got £3,000,000 unclaimed prize from the Isle of Skye lottery.Please send me £1000+2BX spheres and I will tell you how to claim it :D :P :D
Got 3 spheres, a front to back LHM line & a dodgy Octopus - will that do?? :lol: :lol: :lol:

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As a safeguard against spam, you can do as I have and got a Yahoo e-mail address.
They filter it all the time and if I get a message I delete as "spam" they just bounce any future messages from that source.
I have also taken the option of having anything the system says is spam, just deleted and not even put into the spam box.
I had suspicions I was being got at via the contact details I have on some of these forums I'm a mod on as my other e-mail accounts are absolutelydrowning in all the crap that comes through, so I now only use the Yahoo one and get almost no spam at all.
Might be worthy of thought.
I have a private e-mail that only a few know and through an ISP who also does plenty of spam filtering.

Alan S
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I will endorse Alan's comments on Yahoo. I hardly get any spam, compared to the junkmail box of my Hotmail account which gets rather a lot!