New BX for friend

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New BX for friend

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I lent my Bx 19 diesel to a friend for a few days...befor christmas...they still have it with my blessing I hasten to add!!....So impressed are they with BX ownership that they have found one to buy for themselves!!......So off we set from Crewe in Cheshire a couple of Sundays ago up to Durham to collect the said car for them...A J reg estate 19 diesel...all MOTd but requiring some degree of tidying shall we say.
We drove up in my TZD turbo which was achieving 52 mpg when I checked it,(and I had a feeling the injectors needed overhauling..perhaps not),,and I was pressing on shall we say on the outward journey...covered 400 miles that day without a hitch...despite a boot of tools. We came back a little slower as I followed the newly purchased estate and we were treating it with a little care....and it snowed on the M62 too!!
My friends have begun to tidy the estate now with a view to it being "on the road" at the end of this month.
So this little excursion was just over 400 miles round trip...but I have a feeling the route was a little scenic due to being toured by satnav in some cases....(what ever happened to maps??)
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Excellent, piccies are compulsory! (of both) :lol:
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