Why such frequent oil changes?

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The oil I put in it was standard 15w40 which is as thick as I would imagine is necessary for a 120,000 mile car from 1986. I thought 20w50 would be for older engines still but I may be wrong. I didnt actually look at what oil the car is suppose to take, so ill find out. Wrong way to go about it I know but all the other cars ive had have always worked well on 15w40. I really do need to get on with my BX though as the Merc engine is sounding literally like a bag of nails :shock: Its a sort of rythmical rattle that sounds slower than the engine even though it depends on engine speed and sort of rattles in a 1234, 1&2,34 type rythm and I can only imagine its the timing chain. Im going to get a Haynes for it to see if I can fix it before selling it, and get the BX sorted ASAP too.