TXD introduced to snow :)

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TXD introduced to snow :)

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Probably the first time in its life or since it left the UK all those years ago.

We just had whats been dubbed a weather bomb strafe across the middle of NZ and up on the mountain it dumped a heavy load of white stuff low enough to be accesed by vehicle! Of course I just happened to be near enough to go for a spin :lol:

Wish I had taken my camera it was a bit windy and slippery. I got a bit nervous for the descent, well not willing to chance the car moire like. So as luck would have it (they live in the boot anyways) snow chains were deployed.

Anyways back to the TXD it was awesome to have a heater blasting as hot as this one and no problems with the dreaded heater tap. Even the rev counter decided to stay working confirming my cold air theory :lol:

The TZS may have aircon but this summer it has not got out much or been needed (aircon that is) Showed what a crap summer it has been when you get snow like that on March 3rd and have to light your fire at home :?

I sure hope this is not a sign of the forthcoming winter.
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