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I got stopped a few weeks back, they asked "why have you got yellow lights?" and my reply was "because I fitted them!"

there then ensued a discussiion on had I been to france recently? no...
it's very unusual.... but better in bad weather....yawn......
is it legal? of course it is or the car wouldn't pass its MOT every year....but that doesn't make it legal.....I think an MOT examiner would know more about construction & use regulations than a pc plod in a panda car.....

At which point they got bored of me, and told me to go on my way.....

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:lol: :lol:

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Post by Willy » ... ule/5/made
7. Colour:

White or yellow
This is open to interpretation, but AFAIK only vehicles built since 1995 must have white headlamps.

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My first BX, Magoo, had yellow lamps and they were great. We get loads of thick, sudden fog on the downs and they were ace. Definitely better than Hugo's regular lamps... although his Hellas were something to behold!
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We're putting at least two Hella 181 lamps on the front of the Red Baron 8)
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i've had yellow bulbs in all my cars, for as long as i can remember!! never been stopped,and always passed mot without comment! they are great in the fog!
last year, i was in a french scrapyard and collected several yellow bulbs from srap cars, and very cheap!!!!
you will also find its very rare to find a classic french car on white bulbs in france, mid 80's cars seem to be 50/50, (visa's, BX's ,Xms etc) :shock: not that i look for them.............!
i did see in Guildford a late uk transit van on yellow bulbs last week!!
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I used to live next door to an MOT tester, and although it may have changed since, he told me that so long as all headlights are the same, it doesn't matter what colour they are as far as the MOT is concerned. This doesn't necessary mean it's legal, just that they aren't checked for this.
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citsncycles wrote:I used to live next door to an MOT tester, and although it may have changed since, he told me that so long as all headlights are the same, it doesn't matter what colour they are as far as the MOT is concerned. This doesn't necessary mean it's legal, just that they aren't checked for this.
That's not quite right. You're allowed white or yellow (gawd knows how some of those blue-ish lamps get away with it!). It is true that you must have a matching pair, so you can't have one white and one yellow.

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Re: Yellow headlights

Post by Birotor »

I use yellow lamps (bulbs are things you plant in the ground) when historic rallying in major French competitive rallies. I think it depends to an extent on the individuals colour perception. This I discovered when I did my eye sight testing for service in the Fleet Air Arm as a pilot.. Our individual colour perception varies. I am happier with the image I see from projected yellow light and the Frog scrutineers like to see them. In the period when the French traffic regulations required them I tried painted lacquer on the (tungsten) lamps or on the lens glass until I bought French yellow ones in the Geant supermarket. Now on H4 Iodine in the BX I use snap on yellow caps. Interestingly my 1972 MY GS has the facility to place the tungsten lamp rotated about its axis to give right or left kickup of dipped beam. This was available on the 1972 cars only as far as I can determine and Rob Moss at Chevronics (GS/GSA specialists) had never seen it.
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Re: Yellow headlights

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Automatic fail here in the far south islands. Amazingly it is one of the easier items to fail
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