A little tip for all you 16v drivers....

Anything about BXs
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Just get "the book" stick to the dimensions and tolerances and above all else, remember "there are no shortcuts" regardless of what anyone might tell you; there are NONE!!
Lube everything with the special 'initial start up lube' so there's no dry surfaces mating, use a cheap (but good) oil to start it up on and 3 filters. Buy a 20 litre drum of the stuff. Start, run for a few minutes, drain, change filter.
Refill run again, keep check on oil, first sign of any discolouration (particularly towards silver) drain, change filter. Refill; run again for no more than 1500 miles. Drain change filter and this time change to good quality oil.
Motor will almost last forever then if it's given regular services from then on.

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