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Matt H
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Re: Building your dream BX

Post by Matt H » Mon May 21, 2012 5:22 pm

mat_fenwick wrote:Well, the way I look at it, the turbo will spin up until the wastegate opens (at a certain pressure) so at altitude the turbo will spin faster to achieve the same pressure, and hence volume (assuming constant temperature) of air.

This was certainly born out by the fact I didn't have to work so hard keeping up with two 16 valves the further we got up the mountains! Mulley's had a go in the past, and he seemed to like it...
Cool, I guess there's logic to that... I still reckon the valvers weren't trying hard enough though :wink:
saintjamesy89 wrote:Hmm I wonder how a carbed 19 and an injected 19 would compare to your tweaked 19t-dizzle? Would be interesting to see. Well I suppose we could at the rolling road day.
That's when the diesel boys all start going on about torque :lol:

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Re: Building your dream BX

Post by mat_fenwick » Mon May 21, 2012 5:40 pm

I was resisting the urge! :lol:

Don't know how hard they were driving, but at the start of the climbs they were definitely pulling away from me out of some corners. Getting nearer the top I was willing them to go a bit faster so I could keep my foot planted, and all the drivers of N/A cars said they noticed a drop off in performance.

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Mike E (uk)
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Re: Building your dream BX

Post by Mike E (uk) » Mon May 21, 2012 10:13 pm

Supercharging an engine keeps the correct amount of oxygen in the mixture at altitude, but a NA engine will loose power as the air thins.

The advantages of Mat's car in the twisty up hill routes were:

1: More torque at low engine speed.

2:The driver appeared unconcerned about the possibility of damaging his car.
The bends on the mountain roads are often very close together, steep as well as tight.
I was frequently not in the best gear, preferring to keep my hands on the steering wheel rather than swapping cogs. That slowed me down on the ascents.

Mikey taker- search the forum for the fan mods, the other mods I can scan and email to you.
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Re: Building your dream BX

Post by MULLEY » Mon May 21, 2012 11:27 pm

I've had a quick drive in Mat's diesel estate & must admit to being quite impressed with the grunt & the amount of smoke coming out the back :) Like all older diesels, they aren't that linear in their power delivery, so if you're off boost they are quite slow, but once on boost would certainly keep up with most cars including valvers on those mountain roads. If you really caned a valver then i'm sure even a tweaked diesel would soon dissapear in the rear view mirror, but for normal quickish driving i'd say the differences aren't quite as much as you'd expect, its that pesky torque :)
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