My past BXs

Tell us about life with your BX, or indeed life in general!
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My past BXs

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On the eve of my collection of my lovely Txi from Peter in Colchester I thought it would be good to post a couple of pictures of my previous ones.

This is the car that started my love of the BX back in 2000,I can still remember sitting in the driver's seat for the first time as the front rose up and saying "It's like flying a bloody plane!" It was, of course the comfiest car I have ever been in and I remember being impressed that even at 9 months pregnant there was plenty of room behind the wheel! Unfortunately it was sold to a scrapman in about 2004 when the subframe went. This photo is probably a better one of Hugh, my partner than it is of the car but it is the only one I have.


This one wasn't with me for long, I bought it on eBay and when I took it to the garage to have it looked at I was advised to get rid very quickly, which I duly did and moved onto a Xantia. I was disappointed because the space in it was fantastic for camping (we could have all slept in the back) but it wasn't as lovely to drive as the Meteor.

1992 BX 1.6 TXi automatic Bleu Sirene
(now sadly gone)

1999 Xantia 1.8 SX automatic Gris Quartz