Gone and done it again, but this one you'll know!

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Re: Gone and done it again, but this one you'll know!

Post by docchevron »

it's easy enough Matthew. You'll find as you wind the fuelling up the idle speed will increase, so that needs fiddling with too, but all in all, within limits, it's piss easy.

Mike, could be, when I had an NA lump in mine I turned it down every year for the MoT, not actually necessary to pass, but I dont like the diesel emission test, it's utterly pointless in reality and I dislike seeing my car having the nuts revved off it with no load on it, so I'd turn the fuelling down. At the time I lived next door to my MoT garage, but post MoT the car wouldn't pull up the hill to my driveway!
I spent ages playing about with the fuelling over the years, got it to 72MPG consistantly, but by god it was slow, REALLY painfully slow. In the end I was getting high 50's MPG but with a reasonable turn of speed. For a NA diesel anyhow..
Since I upgraded to the TD lump I haven't touched the fuelling or boost on this engine, the original TD lump I fitted I wanted to get 160BHP from (mad idea, but I wanted to match it to the valver), anyhow, it blew up after 300 miles.. I rebuilt it, and it blew up again after 3000 miles... gave up and went to a stock TD. does between 48 MPG (round town) and 62MPG (on a run) and has plenty of grunt if you keep the turbo spooled.
Unfair to compare an NA to a TD of course, and I still say that a decent NA is a very sweet engine that is plenty capable in a BX when set up just right
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Re: Gone and done it again, but this one you'll know!

Post by Kitch »

Managed to achieve something on G-SEG today. Sadly it was something that broke yesterday, rather than getting round to any of the other issues to sort :(

Yesterday it wouldn't start having been left since before Christmas. An hour's tinkering today found the plunger in the dizzy cap had jammed and the spring had expanded, resulting in a very weak spark. Took the cap apart, cleaned and reset everything and managed to get it to fire today (took a while - it was pretty flooded!)
Good news is that it feels much better on the throttle, so it looks like one of the issues with the engine (other than the spark plugs being loose) was a weak spark. I plan to change the plugs anyway, but I'm now feeling more confident about getting this thing kicking out the full 160bhp, rather than 135 (at the end of the day, it does matter....why else would you buy a 16v over a regular BX if it didn't go well?!)

Jobs to do (so far):

1) Attend to rot in the nearside wheelarch and chassis rail. Going to take a while to sort, but luckily it looks like it hasn't spread out of reach.
2) Engine's got to come out to attend to chassis rail rot (if I want to do it properly!) so when it does I'll do the cambelt as it's due. I'm also probably going to strip the cams and tappets out of it and refurb the hydraulic buckets, as it's pretty noisy at the moment.
3) Sort the HP pipe leaks. About three of them at the moment! It's going to need re-piping.
4) Sort MOT issues out....steering rack gaitor, CV boot.....something else I can't remember, but there's enough to keep me busy.
5) More rot to sort at the back of the car behind the rear bumper. Pretty easy to do, luckily.

I have now driven it though....slowly round the estate, with the handbrake as a footbrake (brakes don't work due to HP pipe pissing LHM everywhere) and the good news is that aside from being slow, it's pretty good on the move. Very smooth (because it has normal BX spheres, not 16v ones at the moment) and no rattles or knocks that I could hear.

Plans for it? Well I like the idea of running both it and my red one this year. But.....finances have to come first and I need a new kitchen and to please the wife. I think it's more likely I'll get it on the road for that CCC show in April (forget which it is) and then probably put it up for sale. But who knows, I might be able to keep it. :D
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