Resurrection of the Citroen Car Club South West Group

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Re: Resurrection of the Citroën Car Club South West Group

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Quite agree Eoin, what with the wide selection of main roads and motorways, we've certainly got it good :lol:

My thoughts for after the fairly central to the interest meet is to tour around and have the meets (say every couple of months) at places of interest like Bovington Tank Museum or Castle Drogo, Raceworld Karting, whatever the general interest is.

That's exactly the idea of opening up the events to people that aren't members. If the CCC rallies were strictly members only, I probably wouldn't have joined in the first place. No danger there, I can't afford a DS or Traction :lol:

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Re: Resurrection of the Citroën Car Club South West Group

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Next step for me will be to get my list of Dorset, Somerset, Wilts, Devon & Cornwall 2013 show and rally details and send them to you. Still way too early to do that.....
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