Safety first or it could be your last.

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Safety first or it could be your last.

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This was reported yesterday, a timely reminder when working on cars particularly Cits.
We have suspicions it may be a well known member of aussiefrogs who has just restored a CX. ... 02,00.html

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The first mechanical repair to my BXGTi was the replacement of the front height corrector due to the cap having come off. I was going to DIY the cap but when every Cit Garage told me that the height corrector needed changing (at least because the cap was no longer stocked) I chickened out because of warnings and horror stories over this!

Going off thread slightly, even though I paid an Indi Cit dealer £160 for the job, a later more trustworthy Cit mechanic who I asked to adjust the ride height found that the ride height problem was not adjustment but that the first guy had not attended to the linkage behind it and this needed to be freed up.

Bloody garages!! :evil: So really it seems you need to do these jobs yourself on a BX or it may not be done properly. I now have new jacks and Axel Stands! :)

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Post by Vanny »

Can also be found in this thread;

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Post by Oscar »

This is bad news indeed. I am very sorry for the chap's family. A horrible way to go.

It can happen in this hemisphere too folks. My mate John and I were working on my BX shortly after I bought it. BX in "high", and he gets down under it to start fiddling with something. I had a go at him for being so foolhardy, which he shrugged off with something along the lines of "Ah, I'd get out in time, I wouldn't hang around underneath it".

As if agreeing with me and to reinforce the point, the car suddenly dropped instantaneously, then rose slowly and dropped again, about 5 times in all. John's face was a delight to watch, as his jaw dropped in time with the car. He pretty quickly realised that you have NO time to get out from under if the car drops.

He now has his own axle-stands.

It was the height corrector linkages by the way - they needed lubrication.
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