BX GTi, Shed of the week!

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Re: BX GTi, Shed of the week!

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A very warm welcome and congratulations Wynand. That car had been advertised for a while, was universally admired and no one could understand quite why it hadn't sold - obviously it was holding out for you 8) . Enjoy your car - I know you will: it's lovely =D>

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Re: BX GTi, Shed of the week!

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BXGTIlover wrote:Hello! My partner and I bought this lovely 1991 GTI!
Congratulations and welcome - hope to meet you both and see that fab car in the metal at an event sometime :)
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Re: BX GTi, Shed of the week!

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Ah thanks everybody! Looking forward to meeting you all at some point...is anything planned for the Southeast? Wynand :)