Day with the Nissan Leaf

Tell us about life with your BX, or indeed life in general!
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Re: Day with the Nissan Leaf

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More seriously

Looking at motoring overhead costs. A TZD, or similar, is now a Road Theft License Disc, which you do not even get, of £220 a year. MOT costs £55 in fees and time. So thats £275 overhead for a 25 year old car that does 55 to the gallon.

If I was to create a 55 year old car that did 55 to the gallon I need pay neither overhead. So I immediately gain approx 43 miles a week of 'free' driving. I have my Borgward Van which can do this if returned to the road. Some weeks 43 miles is my weekly mileage! I am ripping myself off.

However to make that really work you need access to a modern car, to satisfy collectors / classic car insurance policy rules. So as a single geezer I would need a cheap low tax modern to insure and hardly use, because most options are crap, and expensive if they fail. I wonder what the best option is? Just when you need a sedentary relation your fresh out!

Or I clear the decks of moderns, save the Trooper for towing, but its a classic being an old one. The other alternative is to put the GTI on the road for those hairy moments when an Ariel Three just is not fast enough to give you that adrenaline fix!
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Re: Day with the Nissan Leaf

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Ignoring costs, I spent a week with a Nissan Leaf last November and thought it was truly brilliant. I thought that winter, in deepest, rural Wales would be a good test for it. Really, it just made me realise how many short (ie less than 50 mile) journeys I make. Yes, there are range issues, but it's one heck of a car. The heated steering wheel was especially pleasant!

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