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Post by Vanny »

i'm gonn ahave to go home tomorrow and have a bloody good look see arent I! bugger!
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Post by DavidRutherford »

well, to be honest, from a cost point of view, I recon this engine I'm bringing up will save you a fair bit. If you have the head off your current engine, it's going to be at least £20 for a new HG and another tenner for the bolts? Maybe a bit more. For not much more than that you're getting a whole known-good engine, which will save you over £100 for the year.

I shall stop harping on about it now :!: :roll:

I'm stopping off on the way to have a look at 3 CX's in Worcester, and will be on my way after that. I guess I'll be there about 8ish.

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