1990 14 TGE (With 1.6) back on the road

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Re: 1990 14 TGE (With 1.6) back on the road

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saintjamesy89 wrote:
Tim Leech wrote:I was a student once....did I spot a red 16v in the background shot?
Nice looking BX there, although I would have kept the TU - but that's just me (I'd love a 14 to play with, think it's a great engine). I can also sympathise with the boyfriend having a better bank balance, but in my favour he isn't into, a) Cars and more importantly, b) BX's and he's way more sensible (read, boring) with money than I. What are you reading? I finished a degree in Biology last May at Queen MAry University (East London, just outside Whitechapel).
The 1.4 was pretty tired and I fancied a project at the time. Did the switch a few years ago when I was living at home and had a job. We were driving a ZX up until recently when my BF wrote it off after hitting black ice earlier in the year. The BX was sitting at home rotting into the ground so I thought I'd try and get in on the road again. And it was free :)

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