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Re: Tyres

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Four years does sound a bit soon to replace tyres on age alone but it's a good yardstick to be aware of and pay closer attention to their condition. I've had a set of bridgestones for about 6 years and whilst the grip both wet and dry is still excellent, I recently noticed that two of them have many small cracks commensurate with uv damage, something I should of noticed sooner.

One thing which Defender has made me think of though is as I have a low annual mileage of about 6k miles, it's not worth considering some of the more durable tyres, as by the end of their tread wear their performance could be well below par.

I've used a similar approach to Mulley, my favourite I'm considering buying two of the Vredestein Sport Trac 5s. Not that I'm after a sporty tyre per se but it comes out very well. Costs have risen sharply. Four years ago I bought four Nangkangs for just over 100 sheets. Now they are double that. One tyre has gone porous on the side wall which is not impressive!

Tyre debates always raises the heckles!
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Re: Tyres

Post by rutter123 »

i find its always best to have a good shop around for tyres and ask for a deal, when i called my local tyre shop, who tend to be cheaper than the big guys, they told me they only had 2 of the 4 tyres i needed, 2 avons that had "been on the shelf a while" matched pair fitted/balanced on the front £65, and a couple of mid budgets on the back, got through the last winter ok, i will always fit the better tyres to the front as a bx does most of its braking here, the tzd will be needing some new rubber come winter, but half the value of the car on tyres? if not more.
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Re: Tyres

Post by Jaba »

I have been using Kumho and Hancook on my BXs for 5 or 6 years. They are both fine and cost around £50 each. They replaced (noisy) Michelins and the difference in noise level was astonishing.
I chose the Kumho because they did well in the Which tyre tests a while back.
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Re: Tyres

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Dollywobbler wrote:"Every four years" sounds like tyre marketing bullsh*t to me.
That was actually my thoughts too and if I had a set of new 'old stock' tyres in my garage I would certainly be giving them a try providing they still looked ok, I still have the steel wheels and tyres I took off my TGD Turbo which were new Michelins 12 months before it was took off the road 4 years ago and have every intention of using them if the need arises but my driving style doesn't really test a tyre too much.
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Re: Tyres

Post by JayW »

Tyre diary: Day 1458... All is well.
Tyre diary: Day 1459... All is well.
Tyre diary: Day 1460... All is well.
Tyre diary: Day 1461... Today my tyres are 4 years old so i have to bin them even though they're fine.

Marketing male-cow-dung!

All tyres have different compounds and last differently. If you park your car in a garage all the time with one brand on and have another car on the sunny driveway with a different brand, there's no guarantee the garaged cars tyres will last longer.

Couple of months ago fitted a pair of old Nexen tyres to the Escort that i've had knocking around for twelve years, they were on a car i bought and no idea how long they were on it. But, they're absolutely fine, no cracking inside or out and still perfectly useable.
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Re: Tyres

Post by Way2go »

BX Bandit wrote: Tyre debates always raises the heckles!
Putting Nitrogen in makes all the difference! :wink: Image
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Re: Tyres

Post by Tinkley »

Cheapest tyre I've got is a free one (complete with wheel) that a guy in Brampton, Cumbria gave me, when he saw me and the BX. Perfectly good Uniroyal, that was in 05 and I fitted it last year. Pressure had dropped to about 7psi but after getting it up to 30 odd its been fine. Could'nt match the pattern and it is a one sided job so I can't swap it to the nearside but I'm not complaining.
Maybe a few more ex BX'ers could make some similar donations....

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Re: Tyres

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I have been presented with an unforeseen solution to the tyre supply. So I do not claim bad luck in general :D

Then total bastard syndrome comes back a week after the van blew up. :( Driving back from my mates house at one AM, 10 miles yonder, I had to pass through 'loose chippings'. Next thing I know I have two punctures. So that will be the remains of someones windscreen then! #-o

So I had to limp back to chums about 2 miles away after effecting the best I could in the dark. In doing so the slightly suspect radiator proved it was as suspect as I thought, and the point of going to my mates in a controlled test, and got to blowing off. Fantastic! :evil:

Then had to knock him up from bed and nick his Merc to get home. :roll: So thats a bunch of flowers for his missus.

Ever since I started moving out of this house my mechanical and domestic luck has been appalling. If you believe in spirits and goblins etc the place does not want to let me go. [-o<

So today is to remove the wheels from Walt, one with pre existing puncture, and select the best 5 wheels from 7. At least I know which rims I will be restoring, assuming they are still straight.
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