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Re: How many miles...

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Doing a bit of rotation with our BXs the Diesel though because of its economy tends to be the main car. Meanwhile the 19TRS and TZS auto are being rotated. Couple reasons the main one is we have a test every six months and since the TZS auto ran out at the beginning of winter when I put the TRS back on the road the TRS became the winter car. Seems though wifes become attached to it and not so likely to go back to the TZS Auto. Until the hot weather comes along and she realises she missies the air

As for storage! Well Aside from the battery going dead not really been a problem for us, then again I guess dryer air of altitude (even though is pisses down for days)or being quite a way inland plus lack of salt on the roads the rust monster dont get ahold. Fuel though does go off after 3 months I have found/been told. Lawn mower goes like a bitch until fresh fuel added after winter same thing with the cars.
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Re: How many miles...

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KevR wrote:
Jaba wrote: Is this BS ? Although I have heard that old diesel goes bad which makes me wonder if I should dump what is left in the tank before I start it up again as I am near to completing an engine change from the ex BX estate.
Diesel can indeed go off - either going waxy and thick or being infested with micro-organisms that turn it into a right mess. I'd be inclined to drain and flush the system to be on the safe side, but if what comes out of the tank looks and smells like clean diesel, it's probably fine - even if you put it back in the tank at the rate of a gallon or so every fill-up just to use it up and not waste it. I usually use any left-over fuel like that in the tractor or the JCB, but if for some strange reason you don't have either of those handy you'll have to improvise!
Thanks for that I will obviously have to get a JCB to use the surplus fuel !
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