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Re: BX Register

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Paul296 wrote:
Jaba wrote:We could set up a BXClub gmail account
Er . . . I think we've already got one of these? :shock:
Er . . . I realise that. I was thinking NEW like : registeryourBX at gmaildotcom with emails forwarded to the registrar(s).
An XLS file can be imported to gdocs so the admin is v. easy you simply import a new master copy after each update. It would have password protection so would not be a public document. Pics are probably not a good idea but a link to the flickr photobucket location can be included.

Equally this could be done within the (new ?) website, not sure about passwording it though, with the registrar having ftp access for updates but gdocs is easier to set up and keep up to date IMO. __google
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Re: BX Register

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Below is a link to an Excel file. It is for sailing dinghies but gives an example of what could be done. If you have Excel on your computer it should open up. For those interested it basically gives a chronological order of boats built, details like builder, owner/helm, club, mast, sail etc where known.

Just click on the words 'Solo Register' to access the file and then select Open with Excel.

http://members.ziggo.nl/broekvd/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Re: BX Register

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Can the bxc garage be used in conjunction or instead of excel? Just a thought
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