Cheap 1993 16 TXi

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Re: Cheap 1993 16 TXi

Post by Ed. »

I've not the term 'cooking' before Tim but it's quite apt so no offence taken.

Have you had any interest in your TXi Stinkwheel? Or will you sell it with a new MOT?

I really can't make my mind up what to do with mine. As a regular 'transport tool' it's just not good enough anymore. I'd quite like to keep it as a hobby car but strictly speaking I don't have the space and certainly for next few years I won't have the time to dedicate to it. If only I had acres of land!

I could just sell it as is whilst it's got a few months MOT and someone could probably take a chance with the misfire and drive it away legally.

But if I'm only going to get £100 for it, I might as well keep the good parts I've recently replaced (tyres, spheres, clutch cable, handbrake cables etc etc) for my Pilot and cut the shell up. It seems such a waste considering all trouble I've taken over the years to stave-off the tin worm. I guess that's life.

Perhaps I should start a new thread? Sorry Stinkwheel for filling yours up with all my problems!

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Re: Cheap 1993 16 TXi

Post by adamskibx »

It's a lovely looking car this and quite a rare specification. I've not seen those wheels with holes in before either.

Ed: your car looks nice also. I suspect the compression is low in certain piston positions rather that your guage being faulty. If the rest of the car is worth it it may be worth an engine change. There are bound to be scrapped BX's or certainly 205's, 405's with the same block in scrapyards. I saved a BX 1.9 this way once, but in retrospect I should have used a 405 engine and saved the BX donor as it had air con. Essentially, when it comes to parts cars, you should try to save as many as possible, but sometimes the logical thing to do is to break one to save another, for if you as a person would cease to exist, the use and therefore preservation of that BX that is made out of two, would also cease to exist. It's a philosophical point of contention, but at the end of the day it is metal and it does rust.

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Re: Cheap 1993 16 TXi

Post by Stinkwheel »

Have you had any interest in your TXi Stinkwheel? Or will you sell it with a new MOT?
I have had a little interest but i still have the car and think will probably be keeping her now. As you say, for what i could get as it stands its more worth fixing up (either to use or sell)

I actually am starting to get a softspot for these odd 'injected' models.
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