Bypassing Ignition Switch with relays

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Re: Bypassing Ignition Switch with relays

Post by David »

I have just finished doing this mod on mine, Only I have put the relays above the fuse box so there's less wire for the power to travel down (and harder for >>^ to find) & wired my kill switch back in.
Now when I stand on the brakes the dash lights don't dim. :)
mat_fenwick wrote: hidden switch into the earth wires
I have had 'interesting' (to say the least) experiences when trying to cut multiple neutrals with 1 switch. It tends to back feed & switch a relay (or 2) on & uses the others as a earth. I initially tried wiring the headlights & fog lights in this arrangement. Then when I turned the key off, the headlights would go off like I intended, but the fog lights would then come on!
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Re: Bypassing Ignition Switch with relays

Post by mat_fenwick »

What I'll add to this now is that around a month or so I suffered a repeat of the failure to crank, solved by a short length of wire direct to the start solenoid trigger terminal. It turned out that the contacts in the (cheap :oops: ) relays I had used had become high resistance with only a short period of use. Nowhere near their rated current capacity either.

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Re: Bypassing Ignition Switch with relays

Post by Dragon Man »

i always use old rellays from off cars.. toyota relays are really good and though say 40 amp, will survive a constant 80 amps.. with a little voltage drop.. but always make a good connection.

i did this on my panda for the lighting ring. then i just added every other relay to that haha. now i have a 150 amp switched and fused "ignition live". for running my other car's spot lights and ham radio gear.

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