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Re: Modified bx's

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Probably the cheapest mod would be to just use nitrous, i had toyed with the idea of using it on my TXD, not for outright speed, but just for overtaking acceleration. I did get in contact with a local firm who reckoned that 50bhp extra was possible from the 1.9 n/a lump. I'd personally like to see one working 1st before making a decision, however seeing as my TXD is now a rusty heap, i'll be spending the money i would have spent on NOS to get it welded up.
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Re: Modified bx's

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My Valver is pretty nippy.

The engine has 10.8:1 CR through decked block and liners.
PeterT stage 1 inlet cam, offset keys on both cams to right the timing after the skim.
PeterT baffled sump, uprated oil pressure spring and larger volume sprocket (uprated oil flow and pressure).

The bottom end has been fully balanced, even bought a few extra rods so we could have a closer starting point to get it perfect without removing too much material.

The head was fully reco'd with 3 angle seat and backcut valves.
My brother also did a little porting unter the valve seats to neaten them up especially where there was some core shift in the casting.

XU9J4z by tyro.chris, on Flickr

It's really crying out for TB's and an ECU..

Build thread over on the 16Valve forum:" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Modified bx's

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10 years ago I placed a V6 into a 16V. It was the 90 degree V6 from a 605 but it was just too big for a BX engine bay. It would have meant subframe, front end, inner wings and bulkhead mods and so sold the engine back to the person I bought from it and never tried again.

Somebody on the 16V forum is part way through a V6 conversion using a 406 / Zantia engine but hasnt progressed much on it recently. This engine fits into a 205, so you would just have to connect the hydraulic pump and piping and hoses etc for use in a BX.

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